Volunteers are the Backbone of the LGBTQ Center OC

Volunteering for the LGBTQ Center Orange County has been redefined in the wake of COVID-19 but it has allowed volunteers to connect across the state in fun and inventive ways.

Currently our one-on-one volunteers join us in support as both as virtual and in-person group facilitators, members of the Trans Committee, teammates on our Events Committee, professional support through either our Marketing or Legal departments, and with creative projects such as blog writing.

We also work in partnership with several companies throughout the year with group-volunteering-days that have included; website development support, workshop building for LGBTQ programs, event support spreading awareness, collection drives, sharing videos through social media platforms, campaigns in connecting with the community, and much more. Each partnership is developed and customized based on the needs the LGBTQ Center Orange County has at any given time, and the capability of our partnerships.

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