Roommate Board (Orange County)

This board is open for submissions from any Orange County resident whose place of living is affirming/welcoming to LGBTQ+ individuals and is in search of roommate/s. 

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Roommate Board


Lee Grupsmith (he/him)

My My name is Lee, my husband is Lyle. He and I moved out of state to settle in his old home town of Idaho Falls. It is not working out and we would like to return to what is really our home in Orange County. We are both retired and my husband is hearing impaired. We are both on Social Security so I think our allowance for a room would be in the vicinity of $800. I am an avid reader and dabble in writing–I also like to cook. Lyle plays the piano (electronic) and used to sing in a choir.

We were living in Santa Ana but are open to a few other areas: Tustin, Orange, Garden Grove.

If we sound like a match please let me know.

My number is 714-794-9182. Leave a message if I do not answer.


Posted March 21, 2023


Asher (they/them, 19) & Marcello (they/them, 19)

Hello! My partner Marcello and I are looking for a room to rent. Our total monthly income is only slightly above $1000, so the most we can pay is $650-$700 for rent. I am, however, waiting for my SSI check so our income will eventually increase by another $900.

I am an equestrian, sailor and Songwriter. I love all aspects of history, and am great at storytelling. I love cats and dogs, but Marcello is allergic to cats, so unfortunately we cannot live in a place that has them.

Marcello loves everything auto. Detailing cars is their passion, and they took 4 years of auto mechanic courses to broaden their knowledge. They are a huge dog lover, and great listener. They like to eat, and love to learn new recipes.

We are based in Santa Ana, but willing to relocate to Tustin, Costa Mesa, Irvine and/or Orange, as anything else is too far from our resources. Please let me know if we sound like a good match for you!

Mobile Phone: (951) 536-8610 (please leave voicemail & callback ## if I don’t answer!)

Posted March 6, 2023