LGBTQ Cultural Competency Training

The LGBTQ Center OC provides training and resources on LGBTQ cultural competency and sensitivity, and on LGBTQ rights across multiple disciplines, designed to meet your unique needs and goals.

Our engaging and highly qualified staff will provide expertise and training for:

  • Educators, schools and school district personnel
  • Colleges and universities, including medical, nursing, and law students
  • Social Services Agencies
  • Medical and Mental Health Care Providers
  • Businesses
  • Law Enforcement Personnel

Training Objectives:

  • Become familiar with LGBTQ language and terminology
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of LGBTQ identities and differences

  • Learn best practices for creating safe and supportive spaces/environments
  • Develop LGBTQ-inclusive policies and procedures
  • Build relationships with LGBTQ individuals and communities

  • Work together to combat prejudice and discrimination

Examples of trainings include:

  • Safe and Welcoming Schools
  • LGBTQ Student Rights
  • HIV Prevention
  • Safe Sex
  • Cultural Competency for Law Enforcement
  • Affirming Practices for Legal Professionals
  • LGBTQ 101

  • Trans 101

  • Cultural Sensitivity

  • Know Your Rights

We will work with you to create a training that is best suited to your agency's needs.

We invite you to apply below to discuss your request!

If you have arranged a training with us that suits your agency's needs

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