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Community Engagement Coordinator

This is a full time position, working 40 hours per week. The candidate for this position will have, at minimum, a Bachelor’s degree and at least 1-2 years of experience working in public health and/or community organizing. The skillsets we are looking for include: experience working with diverse and underrepresented populations, excellent organizational skills, excellent communication skills, proficiency in Microsoft Office and Google Suite programs, a passion for health equity and fluency in Spanish is a plus.

Job Duties:

-Manage a Community Engagement Agreement Program and prepare a plan and process for disseminating information to diverse organizations with information about the funding opportunities, timelines, and guidelines. Coordinate with partner organizations to recruit review panelists and develop a scoring tool with equity in mind.

-Conduct and/or attend community engagement events or meetings in the jurisdictions identified in Orange County

-Conduct trainings annually to volunteers and organizational partners to increase their knowledge on broad skills needed to carry out campaign tasks and tactics.

-Develop a Policy Implementation Plan to facilitate compliance with the new policy(s) for identified jurisdictions. Coordinate and collaborate with the entities such as CTCP-funded coordinated centers, the Local Lead Agency (LLA), and local groups to develop an implementation and enforcement plan for policies that prohibit smoking and vaping of all products from multi-unit housing of two or more unites and a policy that eliminates smoking in all outdoor recreational and non-recreational public places by participating in coordination activities such as conference calls, local and regional meetings, and coalition meetings. Ensure the implementation plan is prepared ahead of policy adoption and is updated as needed.

-Provide Technical Assistance on issues related to policy education, adoption, implementation and sustainability to community partners, decision makers, those who will be tasked with enforcement, etc.

-Develop marketing materials in collaboration with coalition members and community partners and maintain social media pages to increase public health communication and engagement with the community members on tobacco control issues

-Develop informational materials to disseminate during virtual and in-person meetings.

-Work closely with Project Intern to develop marketing materials, attend community engagement events and meetings, create and distribute a newsletter, and conduct trainings to volunteers and organizational partners

-Other tasks as assigned by the Project Director.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $21-$22 per hour

Benefits: Dental insurance, Health insurance, Life insurance, Paid time off and Retirement plan

To submit resume, please email Ana Marson at or visit our indeed job posting: