Current Open Positions:

If you are not interested in one of our current available job openings listed below – it’s OK – we are always looking for volunteers!

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The Director of Mental Health reports to the Executive Director. Candidates must have been licensed as an MFT for at least 3 years with license in good standing, and have completed 15 units of supervision continuing education in this licensing period. The Director of Mental Health is responsible for:

  • Initiate and maintain contact with Colleges and Universities with accredited Master’s level programs that meet the BBS’s educational requirements for MFTs and LPCCs (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor).
  • Prepare and update all forms used for counseling clients and contractual agreements. Provide policies and procedures for maintaining ethical, legal, and professional services for clientele.
  • Maintain and review counselor’s documentation with regards BBS forms, client contacts, and client demographics.
  • Oversee Intake Coordinator who manages and assigns referrals to appropriate counselors; maintains room schedules; trains counselors on use of the Theranest electronic medical records system.
  • Oversee Clinical Supervisor.
  • Prepare yearly reports for general counseling and grant contractual agreements. Assist in writing grants to fund the Mental Health Program.
  • Maintain active files on counselors and necessary documentation. Review and order support materials for mental health program.
  • Make contact with appropriate professional organizations for specific legal, ethical or professional information and advice regarding clientele, counselors, or agency. Manage crises within the Mental Health Program.
  • Attend staff and management meetings within the agency.
  • Attend mental health related meetings as LGBT Center OC representative. Approve all outreach fliers – long term and specific events.
  • Answer questions and make follow-up phone calls to the community agencies, and professionals, to explain and provide further information about our counseling program.
  • Oversee calls to specific persons with regards to specific situations or clients (ie: client’s personal doctor giving me information or requesting support). Review resumes of potential Trainees/Associates, write response letters and set up interviews.
  • Interview potential Trainees/Associates.
  • Conduct Orientation for all counselors accepted into our Mental Health Program. Supervise Trainees/Associates in weekly group supervision.
  • Supervise Trainees/Associates in individual supervision.
  • Trainee evaluations for Universities.
  • Provide support and instruction to MFT Associates preparing for written examinations.
  • Attend professional workshops with regards to client and counselor needs and disseminate information accordingly.
  • Attend specific meetings of agencies as requested.
  • Assist with LGBTQ+ cultural competency trainings for other service providers. Other duties as requested by the Executive Director.

Exempt position with Medical and Dental insurance, 403(b) retirement plan, and salary range $86,000 – $91,000.

Email us your cover letter and resumes at: INFO@LGBTQCENTEROC.ORG. Please include in your Subject Line “Attn. Peg Corley.”

With the guidance of the Director of Immigration Resources, the Immigration Outreach

Coordinator (IOC) will be responsible for supporting our immigration outreach and education

efforts, and other duties as assigned. This position’s main role is to provide immigration

information, referrals to reputable legal services providers, and capture the necessary demographic information for reporting. This can be done by attending, or hosting or co hosting, community events; engaging in one-on-one communications via email or phone call; or participating in immigration education forums, to name a few options. The IOC may also train and work with volunteers and interns to increase reach and capacity, and to improve service delivery. Additionally, the IOC is expected to foster partnerships with other stakeholders in the community and appropriately represent the LGBTQ and immigrant communities.

Job responsibilities include but are not limited to:

• Attend community outreach events and distribute up-to-date information about

immigration policy and resources

• Inform Orange County’s hard-to-reach immigrant residents, particularly LGBTQ

immigrants and their families, about immigration remedies, eligibility screening, other

benefits and reputable legal referrals

• Outreach to and develop partnerships with different stakeholders

• Serve as a liaison between the LGBTQ and immigrant communities

• Develop and disseminate culturally sensitive materials about immigration

• Participate in media events to increase awareness and visibility of the organization and the

community served by the program

• Collaborate with other LGBTQ Center OC staff

• Work collaboratively across our organization to achieve program deliverables and advance

the mission of the LGBTQ Center OC

• Host and co-host immigration education forums in Orange County, in English and other

languages, that elevate the intersectionality of the LGBTQ and immigrant communities

• Train regularly to be knowledgeable about the ever-changing immigration landscape and to

provide the most up-to-date information to clients

• Participate in advocacy efforts at the local, state and federal levels

• Connect Orange County residents to immigration screening, application support, and

removal defense

• Assist in coordinating the LGBTQ Center OC’s monthly immigration consultation event

that specifically targets LGBTQ immigrants

• Assist in LGBTQ cultural competency trainings for community stakeholders

Compensation is $16/hr. 15-20 hours per week.

Please send résumé and cover letter to Luis Gomez at