Kristen Vierregger, MD

Metamorphosis Medical Center and Dr. Kristen Vierregger are dedicated to improving the overall health and well-being of members of the transgender community by providing medically supervised hormone therapy in an atmosphere that is compassionate, safe, and understanding.

NOTE: Metamorphosis Medical Center does not accept insurance for office visits, but visits are offered to trans patients at discounted rates. Lab fees (blood work) and medications will be covered by insurance. We abide by the Informed Consent Model and do not require a therapist letter before starting hormones.

For more information, please contact Metamorphosis Medical Center.

This information about Kristen Vierregger, MD and Metamorphosis Medical Center does not constitute a referral, endorsement or recommendation of their services. The LGBTQ Center OC is not a professional medical referral source, and it does not represent, endorse, or monitor the medical practices of Dr. Vierregger or Metamorphosis Medical Center. You may wish to consult The Medical Board of California ( for more information.