Trans Pride OC

Tustin Mess Hall 1705 Flight Wy, Tustin

Trans Pride OC 2022 is back and IN PERSON for FREE! Join us on September 24th from 12pm-6pm at the Mess Hall at Flight in Tustin! Our theme this year is centered around BLOSSOMING as individuals and community: While our years are faced with hardships, in which we learn resilience and gallantry, there calls a time for moments of rest and reflection. The transgender community is often expected to create their own spaces for free. It is within these spaces, much like any community, we find our moments of peace, Trans Pride provides rest. It provides connections. It provides community and reminds us that we are not alone in our journey. The transgender journey is one of reinvention. And in each version of ourselves that we share, we are often met with resistance; small moments of true acceptance and understanding feel rare but invaluable. In these small moments of acceptance, we [...]