Important correction: Correction it is in regard to SEC 3-5-501 THROUGH 503.
There is a recent call to action by two councilmembers of the City of Irvine to repeal and remove an old anti-LGBTQ ordinance (Sec. 2-5-503) that was passed into law in 1989. The ordinance denies anti-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation. Melissa Fox writes about it in this blog post.
The ordinance reads, “the City Council shall not enact any City policy, law or ordinance that:
  • Defines sexual orientation as a fundamental human right.
  • Uses sexual orientation, in whole or in part, as the basis for determining an unlawful discriminatory practice and/or establishes a penalty or civil remedy for such practice.
  • Provides preferential treatment or affirmative action for any person on the basis of their sexual orientation.”
Councilmembers Fox and Farrah Khan will call to remove the ordinance during the Tuesday, July 14 City Council meeting. We need to demonstrate to the Council in large numbers to repeal Sec. 2-5-503 so that this outdated law is thrown out and all community members are equally protected under the law.
We are writing to ask for your support in the following ways:
1. Submit public comments in support of the repeal and removal of Sec. 2-5-503. To submit an e-comment on an upcoming meeting agenda prior to commencement of the meeting for Agenda Item 4.4, click here.
2. Email Mayor Shea for the repeal and removal of Sec. 2-5-503
Sample Email to Mayor
Subject: Remove and Repeal Sec. 2-5-503
Hi Mayor Shea, 
I’m writing to request the repeal and removal of Sec. 2-5-503. The City of Irvine needs to ensure that nondiscrimination protections are updated and in place, and that all community members are equally protected under the law. It is important for the City of Irvine to acknowledge and support all its community members, including those community members who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer. Thank you for your time and consideration.
3. Call or email Councilmembers that have not responded to urge their support.
Vice Mayor Mike Carroll – michaelcarroll@cityofirvine.org
Councilmember Anthony Kuo – anthonykuo@cityofirvine.org
Community members can email other councilmembers here: https://www.cityofirvine.org/city-council/contact-council
3. Watch live here