An Important Time of Year for Us All! 

Dear Friends,

April is often one of our busiest months of the year. We hold our breaths with eager anticipation as we prepare for the Indigo Ball – Themed L.G.B.T. – to arrive. This is our opportunity not only to celebrate our impact in the community, but to also recognize upstanding community members who have contributed to the empowerment, advocacy, and support of LGBTQQ individuals in Orange County and beyond.
Join us this month as we continue to bloom and grow with exciting Indigo Ball announcements delivered by our hilarious emcee, Justin Martindale! Our Torchbearer honorees include Jeanne and Gideon Bernstein, who have been vital to LGBTQQ advocacy and awareness with the #BlazeItForward movement. We will also be honoring John Whelan and Brad Prescott, two of the community’s largest supporters on both an individual and organizational level.
We are excited to be partnered with our exclusive platinum sponsor, US Bank! They have been supportive of the LGBTQ Center OC for many years and continue to provide sponsorships to empower the LGBTQQ community.
The color indigo represents service to humanity. Indigo Ball is a celebration of service to all members and allies of the LGBTQQ community. There are ways to help us continue this service, whether you plan on attending Indigo Ball or not. Our sponsorship opportunities allow you to host a table or a space at the event. Want to give in more ways than one? Our Indigo Ball event program has available advertising space for you to promote your organization or leave a personal message – like a Happy Birthday message to Brad Brafford, who will be turning 90 on May 5!
All of that and more can be available to you, no matter where in the world you are. Check out our website, and contact Jasmine Rara to get involved!
We look to celebrate and honor those who have been supportive of our LGBTQQ community for many years. This is why our Indigo Ball is an important milestone every year; by bringing together friends, family members, donors, sponsors, allies, partners, and supporters, we are celebrating our togetherness. We are one community – and Life Gets Better Together.
Happy April!
Looking forward to seeing you,

Peg Corley

Executive Director, LGBTQ Center OC


MAY 4, 2019
Indigo Ball
Indigo Ball is a celebration of the LGBTQ Center OC’s work throughout the year and a recognition of key leaders for the LGBTQQ community. We use this time to celebrate what we’ve accomplished and how much we are able to achieve when we come together.
We are thankful for our sponsors of this year’s Indigo Ball. We’d like to recognize our exclusive platinum sponsor, US Bank, as well as our gold sponsors, Wells Fargo and Western Digital. Thank you for your continued support; you’ve made a huge impact on the LGBTQQ community here in OC!


Our 6th Annual Youth Convening is in a few short weeks!
Join us for our 6th Annual OC LGBTQQ Youth Convening to empower yourself and your community! With this year’s theme of Transforming Orange County Through Love and Knowledge, we will have a variety of speakers, presenters, and organizations working to provide affirming mental health practices in order to create safe, supportive and inclusive spaces for Orange County LGBTQQ youth. This year, we are celebrating empowerment in togetherness.
There are many things we can say about the importance and impact of our youth-empowering events. But, it’s better said by the youth themselves! Here’s what 2 YETA members have to say about our LGBTQQ Youth Convening:
“The convening is important because it allows the YETA youth to teach our community about LGBTQQ issues and it allows our community to see how impactful LGBTQQ youth can be.”
– Sammy
“I think this year’s theme is really important. Transforming OC Through Love and Knowledge creates such a positive image. To take love and use it as a tool for change is powerful. The focus on mental health this year is also very important because is a topic that still carries a lot of stigma and misinformation. To be able to gain accurate knowledge in an affirming place is extremely valuable, and then being able to take that back into the world, and use it to create change is really empowering.”
– AJ

Volunteer Spotlight – Barbara Guerra

Interested in volunteering or giving back to the center? You can check out our opportunities here.