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SANTA ANA, Calif.—

On Saturday, November 16th, 2019, the LGBTQ Center OC participated in an early observation of Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), an annual observance that commemorates transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence. The event, which had 75 people in attendance, hosted a candlelight vigil and invited Blossom C. Brown as the evening’s keynote speaker.

The LGBTQ Center OC recognizes at least 24 trans women of color have been predominantly affected by violence this year.

Alicia Simmons 37

Maurice Willoughby 20

Nyomi Giselle Taylor 32

Dana Martin 31

Ellie Marie Washtock 38

Faye “Morena Black “

Jazzaline Ware

Ashanti Carmon 27

Claire Legato 21

Muhlaysia Booker 23

Michelle Simone Washington “Tamika” 40

Paris Cameron 20

Titi Gulley 31

Johana Medina Leon “Joa”25

Chyna Lindsey 26

Austin Smith 19

Chanel Scurlock 23

Layleen Cubilette Polanco Xtravaganza 24

Zoe Spears 23

Brooklyn Lindsey 32

Cecelia Cranko 48

Denali Berries Stuckey 29

Bubba Walker 54

Tracey Single 22

Kiki Fantroy 21

Jordan Cofer 22

Pebbles LaDime Doe 24

Keyiariah Quick 25

Bee Love Slater 21

Bailey Reeves 17

Andrew Elijah Martinez 19

Ja’leyah- Jamar 

Elisha Channel  Stanley ” Elisha Diamond” 46

Itali Marlowe 29

Dymun Dupree 

Corbin Ray Bach 

Christine Zephier

Daphne Dorman

Brianna “BB” Hill 30

Katya De Riva 

Zoraida Reyes 

Maurice Willoughby 20

Nyomi Giselle Taylor – 32

The LGBTQ Center OC is dedicated to uplifting the voices and lives of the trans community, especially trans youth and people of color. The innocent lives lost are a reminder as to why we need to advocate for the betterment of trans lives and why education on trans lives are imperative. Normalizing the fact that trans people have a right to the same protections and respect as the cisgender community will foster change to eradicate the senseless murders of our community members. Access to affirming care, programs, and services will not only strengthen the trans community but will empower those who are gaining their voice, such as trans and gender non-conforming youth.

Trans and gender non-conforming youth should have the ability to learn and thrive in a safe and supportive school environment, and not feel unsafe or ostracized from their peers. Reports demonstrate that transgender and gender non-conforming students are more likely to experience higher rates of discrimination and harassment, such as being prohibited from participating on sports teams, having equal access to locker rooms, and/or using bathroom facilities that correlate with their gender identity. Even though California is one of the more progressive states across the country—where there are laws such as Safe Schools and Success Act (2013, AB-1266) and Updating Transgender Students’ Academic Records (2019, AB-711) that support trans students—we must continue to advocate for proper implementation and education of these laws in Orange County public schools.

As a community, we must continue to evaluate school policies, procedures, and practices to ensure they are non-discriminatory and inclusive of trans student identities. More importantly, we must continue to show up and support our trans students in all capacities, providing access and establishing appropriate community resources and services that are respectful and inclusive.

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with the beautiful souls that we honored this year. We continue to work towards a future where we no longer have to hold space for trans lives that have been taken due to violence.