Well, it happened. We got a piece of someone’s mind. In response to the year-end letters requesting tax-deductible donations by December 31st, we got the following response.

Spoiler alert: We got some hate mail in response to our year-end letter.

Spoiler alert: It is, in fact, hate mail.


It was pretty “Allful” in many ways. Maybe “Cal schools” didn’t teach grammar or spelling back when s/he was a 5th grader.


At least they asked nicely – they did say “Please”. Twice. But, no.


So many quotes and text underlined with THREE different colored highlighters. At least this person knows they can’t spell hypocrite, not as much can be said for “bullys”. Too bad they think only one woman wants equal rights.

Our guess is that, behind closed doors, s/he writes angry, nonsensical, hate-fueled letters without the aid of a dictionary or the benefit of logical thought, fantasizing/thinking about what others do behind closed doors, swathed in self-hatred.

This is why the LGBTQ Center OC exists. For more than 44 years, we have been the counterpoint to this mindset. A place where people in our community can go to get away from this type of treatment. Here, we will celebrate you and fight hatred like this. Be part of something bigger, join us and donate today.