Last week, the LGBTQ Center Orange County parted ways with its Executive Director, Dr. Kevin O’Grady. His activism and leadership these past three years complemented the organization’s 44-year history of providing life-changing and life-saving support programs. We are grateful for his years of service.

As always, our focus remains on the LGBTQ community of Orange County. The strength and passion of our staff, community and allies have shaped messages and accomplished real change. Our collective voice is the one you will continue to hear in the face of bigotry, adversity and inequality. Despite monumental victories this year, there is still work to be done and nobody else doing exactly what we do. The LGBTQ Center OC proudly and openly fights homophobia, transphobia and hate in Orange County.

Be assured that our robust programs will continue without interruption for the thousands we serve, and those we have yet to serve. We have a remarkably dedicated staff, as well as hundreds of volunteers, who have established the LGBTQ Center OC as the thriving hub for our community. Youth groups, social and support groups, the LGBTQ Policing Partnership, student advocacy task force, Safe Zone trainings, mental health counseling, Trans*itions Health and Wellness program, and the Brad Brafford LGBTQ Center on 4th are flourishing due to the non-stop momentum of our devoted staff and volunteers.

The LGBTQ Center OC Board of Directors has appointed Ann Mason, Associate Director and Director of Mental Health as the Interim Executive Director. Ann has worked with the LGBTQ Center OC for 20 years and has previously stepped into this role during times of transition. She has been, and will continue to be, a catalyst for growth at the LGBTQ Center OC.

For 44 years The LGBTQ Center OC has been advocating on behalf of the Orange County LGBTQ community, working to ensure its well-being through a wide variety of programs including high-quality mental health services; community support groups; a cyber center; LGBTQ cultural competency training; senior services; youth programs; and HIV prevention, education and counseling—and much more. Visit us on the web at Reach out to us and become involved; join a group, take a class, teach a class, volunteer, visit our art gallery, come to our April 16th gala, donate, be a fierce ally, or just come by for a visit.